Schmohz Brewing Company – Grand Rapids

2014-12-31 15.01.32

Located just a block off the busy 28th Street corridor, Schmohz Brewing Company maintains a small town feel while coming through with some pretty excellent beers. We visited shortly after the brewery celebrated its 10th anniversary, and settled in at the bar to try out some flights.

2014-12-31 14.19.59

Our first flight presented us with some pretty unique tasting beers. First up was the Zingibrene, a beer brewed with ginger instead of hops. It was light and easy-drinking, and the flavor was pleasant. The Valley City Cream Ale was good, and the Amber Tease stood out as one of the better beers we’ve had in that style. Our favorite of these first five was the Gingerbead Brown, which had a hint of cinnamon flavor and was a perfect beer for the holidays. Rounding out this flight was the Treasure Chest ESB, which was also quite good.

2014-12-31 14.36.52

Our second flight was when things really got interesting. Mad Tom’s Robust Porter was great, the Pail Ale was pretty good and the India Pale Ale delivered some good flavor. It was easy to see why the Bonecrusher Stout is a house favorite (it ended up being our growler-to-go choice) – smooth and easy-drinking with hints of chocolate. The Miracle Off 28th Street Old Ale was another great holiday beer, and finally the Kiss My Scottish Arse was a solid scotch ale.

2014-12-31 14.58.54

I’ve tried to come up with a good way to describe the atmosphere and service here, and I’ll just say that while we weren’t treated rude we weren’t exactly welcomed with open arms either. This place definitely prefers regulars to newcomers, and we got an almost annoyed reaction when we wanted to sample everything and not just order a pint of our favorite. From friends I have talked to that have also been there, my experience wasn’t that out of the ordinary. I had also really hoped to try their HopKnocker Imperial IPA, but it was unavailable at the time. There is no food on site, but order-ins are encouraged and free popcorn is provided. That said, the beer here is very good and the prices just can’t be beat – samples at $1.25 each and growler fills for $8.50! Schmohz is clearly doing something right with 10 years under their belts, and it’s worth a stop in if you’re in town.

Schmohz Brewing Company contact information:

2600 Patterson Ave SE, Grand Rapids MI 49546


Schmohz also bottles a few of their beers and they can be found at local retail outlets like Rishi’s International Beverage.

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